Eduard Mestdach was one of the first BRK (Belgian Rottweiler Club) members.
In 1975 he started visiting club matches and expositions across Europe to find the best blood lines.

In 1988 "Eddy" bought his first rottweiler. Maestro van de Beja Hoeve was a male out of a top combination with Bartho van 't Stroatje, a Dutch Champion.

Unfortunately Maestro died very early, so Eddy had to buy another one, called Nike van de Beja Hoeve.
Nike was a real champion.

He became King of the Belgian Rottweiler Club and ended first in the 1992
German "Eiffelshau".



Before starting to breed himself, Eddy wanted to have some more experience. Therefore he did the litter check in Belgium for several years.
Eddy bought his first female in 1993 to start breeding. Wanda van het Land van Sittard got several excellent ratings in different international shows.

Van het Polderbos was born..