08/10/2014 Updated Upcoming Litter-site!


 26/06/2014 New photos of our N-puppies & also of Lana


 19/06/2014 Polderbos N-litter is here!!! Born 18/06/2014 totally 5 females & 4 males!

 More info in our Upcoming Litter-site!




 21/05/2014 Updated our Upcoming Litters- site! Chiwa has been ultrasounded and she is very  much pregnant!

 We have also good news from BRK KS:In Junior Class males LARS v/h POLDERBOS V4 and in junior class females our LANA v/h POLDERBOS SG!



 10/11/2013 New photos to Lana's gallery.


 06/04/2013 Fleur v/h Polderbos is BRK GHPIII-champion 2013!